Spray Tans

Our luxury spray tans stand out from all other tanning studios. We specialize in customizing the formula to your skin tone, undertones, color and darkness goals. You will never be orange, splotchy or uneven. We provide barrier cream, sticky feet, pH balancing spray, stickers & hair ties/hair nets.


Original Airbrush Spray Tan

10 Mins - $49

Make your skin glow with this all-natural spray tan solution airbrushed onto your skin. Choose light, medium or dark solution and rinse 8 hours after application.

Rapid Rinse Spray Tan

10 Mins - $59

Rinse the bronzer/developer off faster with this quick rinse solution. This solution allows you to have more control over your darkness level as it gets darker the longer you leave it on. 3 hours for a light-natural tan, 4-6 for medium, 6-10 for dark.


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