Lash Services FAQ

Questions about lash extensions? Check below for your answers, and please contact us if you have additional questions.

What does a lash appointment consist of?

Lash Extensions: We will start with a consultation about your lifestyle & lash goals. After we have decided on your ideal look and set, we will begin by applying under-eye pads to secure your bottom lashes, so they do not stick to the top lashes. These pads may be slightly uncomfortable, but they shouldn't hurt and you will get used to it. Throughout the 1-3 hour service, you will only feel gentle movement on your eyelashes. There should never be pain or discomfort, so please let us know if you are experiencing such.

What exactly are lash extensions?

A Lash extension service can transform your lash line without any damage and little maintenance. Lash Extensions are made of synthetic-mink, a non-irritating fiber that looks like a regular eyelash. Extensions come in a wide variety of lengths and curls, so we are able to customize your set to your ideal liking. Lash extensions are either Classic style or Volume style. Classic style is a thicker lash, designed to be attached alone, 1 extension to 1 natural lash. These sets look more natural since they are individuals. Volume style lashes are much thinner, designed to be grabbed in groups and fanned out by the lash artist, and then applied to 1 natural lash. Since they are much thinner, the weight does not exceed what your natural lash can handle. Volume sets are more dark & dramatic due to the multiple lashes per natural lash.


  1. Come with clean lashes. Clean lashes allow the extension and adhesive to properly bond to your natural lash. If you arrive with mascara on, not only will there be a $20 fee, but the adhesive will bond to the mascara instead of your lash, so the extension will fall out sooner (even with a deep cleaning).

  2. Be prepared to lay for 1-3 hours. Lash extensions are a tedious process, in order to ensure the safest, most customized set for your lash line, it will take 2-3 hours for a full set and 1-2 hours for a fill. There will be music playing, but feel free to bring headphones.

  3. Remove contact lenses before the appointment. Wearing contacts can increase irritation and burning due to the glue fumes.

  4. Review aftercare so you know what to expect.

Do lash extensions damage my natural lashes?

With proper application and aftercare, no! Unfortunately, there are bad apples in every industry, so be sure to do your research on the lash artist when you get your lashes done. Lucky for you, Rose Beauty Boutique has only the highest qualified lash artists, with multiple certifications, trainings & a state license. Our top priority is lash health, and we will not perform a set if we think it could damage your lashes. As long as you take care of your lashes by not picking, pulling or applying mascara, your lashes will not be damaged by extensions.


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